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A couple of people have complained to me that there’s too much math  in The Universe Is Fake, so they couldn’t really get through it. Well, folks, it’s time to gird your loins, suck up your fears, and take a closer look at what sort of simple math is in the book.

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Harmful opinions, radio talk show people

Recently, two women friends adopted an opinion that isn’t true. They got this opinion from a certain segment of the media. As a result, it is now having adverse consequences for themselves and for their children. My point here is not going to be to favor one side of a particular issue over another, but rather the harm unverified opinions can wreak upon those that hold them, and, unfortunately, their children.

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Start counting from 100

To achieve good results, you have to start the Alternate Breathing exercise given in the book at 100, not from some lower number, because this is when the magic happens.

You have to be a warrior and attack this practice head on to get the best results in a reasonably short amount of time.

Posted 2 years 3 weeks ago

A lot of things sort of fell apart a long time ago.

Hasn't been a whole lot of singing and dancing since then. Not nearly as much as there should have been.

But people are starting to remember things these days. Things are coming back to people.

So we were thinking, it's time to get the band back together.

Posted 2 years 1 month ago

I’ve just been perusing the posts on the Google+ Community “Atheism.” I confess after reading so many posts filled with one-sided opinions—and not a few filled with bigotry and outright hatred—I was a little sick to my stomach.

There’s an old saying, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater,” which means don’t reject what is of value when you reject what clearly has no value.  The similar aphorism, “One rotten apple doesn’t spoil the barrel” expresses the same idea.

Posted 2 years 1 month ago

A vision of new possibilities

Book Chapter Discussions

What the book's about. These pages give an overview of what the "fake" means on both ends of the telescope, meaning "out there" in the universe we observe plus what we perceive in our own minds.

Find out about additional evidence, experiments, sound and music that didn't fit in the book, and that I discovered after the book was printed. The cutting edge.

More about the objections & rebuttals of the arguments presented in the book. Going further with the Anthropic Principle, numeric patterns as archetypes, quantum theory and what Einstein didn't like about it. A place to raise your own objections or chime in with a high-five (the Internet kind, of course) if you like what you're finding out.

What does it all mean? How does a fake universe impact me? How could the universe have been altered, diddled and fashioned for us? What about retrocausation? How are we each implicated in this fakery, and who might have done it? The Agency as solar system engineers. As the Oracle told Neo, this is extreme noodle-baking.

We're not hapless victims in all this. There are certain habits and practices we can undertake to contact and re-join our Agency kin. More on breathing, concentration, sound and music.

References used in the book are described in more detail here. There are links to book titles on Amazon and to other sites on the Net where you can go further.

Here's an overview and a guide to what's going on here. It's about realizing some of the possibilities for yourself you perhaps never thought you could achieve.

It's about becoming part of something big you hoped existed, but were never sure about.

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